Friday, March 4, 2011

It's Been a Week?

It seems to have been such a busy week.

Got to babysit the grandkids twice.  The grandson is learning new words and making sentences in leaps and bounds.  It's fun to hear him figure out a word and then use it.  Continuously. Today he wore himself out and crawled into the recliner next to me.  We had a nice nap.
The granddaughter, at not quite 3 months is smiling and laughing herself into hiccups already!  She watches the world around her closely. 

I've gotten myself hooked on writing stories at The Red Dress Club kind of regularly.  I'm enjoying this.  I used to write poems in high school and always imagined writing.  It only took me 50 years to get around to it.
Anyone interested should check it out.  And it's not just for women, there are some awesome male writers too. If you'd like to read some of my, um...stuff, it's on my other blog, Elsetime & Otherwhen.

And this week, got to test some upgrades for my favorite iPod app TapTapRevenge.  If you have an iPod Touch or iPhone, and you like music, check it out.  And if you get there, look for me. 2old2tap, that is where that "handle" started.

Hoping and hoping and hoping to have a real, honest to goodness bathtub by summer.  Plumbing work is coming along.  We have to move the laundry room to make a space for my dream tub.  But it will be, So Worth It.

Of course I've been working, trying to keep my poor restaurant's head above water.  The gas price insanity is not helping. Maybe I should just break down and buy a lottery ticket.  Someone wins. 



  1. I'll have to check out the Red Dress Club ;) Thanks.

  2. Lady Estrogen, you should! I think you'd enjoy it.

  3. I'll have my fingers crossed the tub project moves along swiftly an problemlessly. I'd die without a tub!


  4. Jkatj, when I get that tub. Pictures. Not with me in it. But of tub perfection.