Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Missing in Action

It's been forever since I've posted here.  I am so bad.

However, I have been busy.
No, really.  Busy.  BUSY!

Anyone who follows my twitter feed knows I've been whining, stressing and just Ranting about the big changes we've made at the restaurant the daughter and I own.

We had a menu update, translate price increase.  Which always causes unhappiness. But is necessary to keep up with the rising cost of product.
We finally began accepting credit cards.  Yes, we are slow on the technological thingies.

In a county and state that has no mandated smoking ordinance, we opted to become a smoke-free restaurant.  This has not been popular with everyone.  We have a lot of loyal (until today) smoking customers.  We still have a lot of loyal smoking customers.  The majority of them understand our decision and like the food and service well enough to still want to come and see us.
And we appreciate every one of them.

There are haters of course.  We are trying hard not to take it personally.  Being a smoker myself, (yes I'm still working on that) I understand that side of the controversy.  This was a decision that we made purely as a business entity. 

Our target date to implement the changes was today.
We closed early Sunday to start painting and cleaning.
We were closed Monday to finish painting and cleaning.  Also to go over any new menu questions and to train credit card processing with the employees.
Of course we had planned on having menus and a credit card processing unit  to work with.

Menus showed up Sunday morning.
Credit card unit was delivered 3:30 Monday afternoon.
Painting took longer than we thought it would.

Train Wreck.  Wait.  That was me. After an 18 hour day Monday, and 3 hours of sleep last night. I was at work at just after 4am today.

We opened today at the specified time.
Technologically updated: credit card capable.
Menus on the tables.
And smoke-free.

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