Saturday, March 12, 2011

I Am Not a Doting Grandmother

Yesterday I got to babysit for the grandkids again

Yes.  I'm that annoying Gramma with the perfect grandchildren.

The granddaughter is 3 months now.  She does 3 month old stuff.  Eating, spitting up after eating.  Pooping, smiling after pooping.  Crying cause the diaper is dirty.  Smiling again in a dry diaper.

She is also trying to roll over.  She is a Genius.

The grandson is all kinds of 2 year old BOY.
Grandpa has a bunch of plastic tubes, connectors and pieces to replace the old drain lines in the basement.  They are also the best toys in the entire universe. 

The boy spent the entire day dragging them around.  Trying to put them together.  Propping the long line up and rolling a ball, pen, kaleidoscope, battery and back scratcher from top to bottom.  Over and over. And over.

His vocabulary is increasing daily.  I can understand most of what he says now.  He says Gampaw, but hasn't figured gramma out yet.  My name this week was mostly "cracker?", but at least I knew what he wanted.

His mother has a potty chair for him.  The kind with the duck.  When the duck gets wet, it quacks.  He doesn't ask to go yet, but if she puts him on it, he goes.

She is in for a challenge with this kid.  Last potty use, she rinsed and emptied the little bucket.  After she replaced it, this boy, ran his finger across the bottom.  Stuck it in his mouth.  And said ahhh.

Daughter speaks, probably loudly," NO!!!  That is disgusting!"

Boy looks at his mother.  Grins.

And does it again.

I love this boy!


  1. Oh yes! Grandchildren are absolutely, without a doubt, PERFECT!
    And a potty chair that quacks?? So cool!

  2. omg. that is SO something X would do! With a sly little grin.

  3. @Shanon, oh yes! They so are. No matter what they do.

    @Cheryl, this kid is gonna be the class clown. I'm sure I'll be much more amused than his mother will be. Teehee!

  4. Oh, little boys.

    I am undone by the antics of little boys.

    Mine would maybe not do that, but he's got his fair share of similar tricks.

  5. @CDG, being the mother of an only child, and that being a girl, I am so loving watching this small, all boy grow.

    He is sooooo boy.

  6. heeeee

    funny boy

    you need to post some pics

    ok cracker? I mean gamma

    that is all

  7. @PBJ, there are a couple pics here
    I'll have to get more.

    He is such a character. Already.