Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Come Write With Me

I started this blog ten months ago. September 2010.   I'm an intermittent blogger. Sometimes I have a story to tell. Most times not. My life is not full of excitement.

When I first met bloggers on Twitter, I tried to read my little group daily. I did a good job.  I convinced myself I could do this, too. After all, I'd kept a journal for years.

So, I would sporadically throw a post out, I'd read posts from my first little group. My "network" began to grow a bit.

It got harder to keep up my reading. It got harder to find interesting things to write about.  But?  I like to write. When the mood (muse?) is with me.

So, silly me, I started a second blog in November.  A place to write poems. Create stories. I kept it hidden. Until February.  I took a deep breath, and tweeted the link to my other site, Elsetime & Otherwhen.  And in February, I wrote my first post for a prompt from The Red Dress Club, a blog site for people who want to write and get feedback from other writers.

I've written flash fiction, fantasy, a poem, many memories, and even a short horror story. Some of my stuff is badly done, but I think I've improved a bit.  I don't do all of the prompts, sometimes it's time issues. Sometimes I'm just blank. But I appreciate that it is there.

So, if I haven't posted here for a while, click the link on the right, the one with the glowy kitty eyes.  Chances are I've written something over there. It may or may not be of interest.

It may inspire some to join me in this adventure in writing. Anyone can join.  If you write somewhere else, let me know.  I'll find a day to fit you into my reading list.

The more the merrier.