Saturday, February 5, 2011

Ages of Discovery

My daughter came back to work Friday. So I got to babysit/visit with the grandkids. 
The grandson is a little over 2 now. Very independent, very busy, busy, busy. He'll find anything that will roll (pencils, tape rolls, batteries, cars) and take them to the doorway between the living room and dining room. There is a small slope in the floor there. He will roll whichever treasure he's found down the hill. Then come jump in either Gramma or Grampa's lap, sit a minute then go stand in front of the TV and "play" with Dora or Diego. And then off to find something else. 

The granddaughter is 2 months. She smiles and laughs. (and poops) She wants more holding than her brother did.   So different already.  This is the first time I've watched her. But she wasn't disturbed by being in this strange place with these people she hadn't spent any time with. 

The grandson isn't really interested in his baby sister much at this point. But I noticed when she can see him?  She is enchanted. She will look only at him as long as he's in view.  

I'll be babysitting weekly now. I look forward to spending time with them. The grandson at that fun discovery age   The granddaughter at that fun new thing everyday age.  Cause I'm at that now I feel like I have more time and patience age. 


  1. Having just come from spending the day with my son and my mom, I'm all warm-fuzzy at the thought of you getting to babysit the grandkids!

    Happy thoughts!

  2. CDG, yep, I'm feeling warm and fuzzy. There's something so different about spending time with grandkids.

  3. 2 year olds don't seem to get along with me very well. But I'm glad you're having a fun time with it! :D

  4. Mike, I wouldn't be getting along so well if he wasn't my grandbaby. Grammas overlook a lot ;)

  5. It always amazes me how wholly younger siblings love the older kids from birth

  6. KLZ, it was just adorable! I loved just watching her watch him.