Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Most Useless Post Ever

It's been a long week.

Work was not a fun place this week.  Had to "break up" with a long time employee.  That was one of the hardest things I've had to do.
Home was a little better.  Hubby dear has suddenly become the happy house husband.  Which is awesome!  I've been working a lot more hours lately, so it's great to come home to no housework.  He is retired, so it's okay.
While paying my water bill this month, I got to talk to a human!  And was told my bill was way higher than it should be and there must be a leak.  I explained we'd just repaired a running toilet.  She said, NO.  Bigger than that.  Oh no. 
We checked everywhere for water. Nothing.
Friday, I came home to a mess in the kitchen.  Hubby dear had torn the bottom out of the kitchen sink cabinet.  Wow.  It goes directly to a crawl space under there.  There was copper pipe.  Coming from the ground.  Going?  Nowhere, it was capped off.  And leaking like an artisan spring.  Wonderful.
It was a line, that 50 years ago, was hooked to a washer that was on the long gone back porch.  Really?  When that remodel was done in the '70's, we couldn't have taken care of that?
Evidently not.
However, through the purest form of dumb luck, we found line in the basement that was feeding it.  It is not feeding any more.  Fixed.  YAY!

Also this week, on a kinda positive note, I made my first clumsy attempt at fiction at the The Red Dress Club with this post Whispers .  I make no promise of quality.

Now I'm just working on relaxing.  I know there's some wine here.  Somewhere.


  1. At least you got that fixed! I hate leaky pipes... it seems I spend a great deal of time fixing them. :P
    BTW, thanks for adding my button to your sidebar! Feel free to check out my latest giveaway (you would have extra entries just from stuff you're already doing).

  2. Hardly useless, m'dear.

    You led us through a domestic mystery, shared your tough time at work, and gave us a something to smile about - househusbandy types!

  3. Mike, thanks for stopping by. Yep. One leaky pipe fixed. Probably should run a lot of new lines. The plumbing here is goofy, and some of it 40+ years old.
    And I really don't need a nightlight, let someone that does win. ;)

  4. CDG, the happy house husband is a new thing. I hope he hangs around! I like him.