Sunday, October 10, 2010

My Daughter What?

I was having a conversation with Hubby dear's youngest daughter.  She's 10 years older than my daughter.  When her father and I met she was 13.  She watched my daughter grow up.

Suddenly she says, "What was S's imaginary friend's name?  I remember she had one, but I can't remember the name."

I was blank.  That was so long ago.  She's 27 now.  Did she have an imaginary friend?  Damn, I should know!  She's MY daughter.
I thought for a little.  Then, yes!  I remember.  Her friend was Hakey.  And once...when she couldn't sleep for night terrors, she conjured a magic sword named Sunshine.  To let light into the darkness.  And her word for broken was "pootoo".  For a while, if anything was broken the whole family knew it was pootoo.

How could I forget?  What else have I forgotton?  How many precious bits are lost to me?

I didn't keep a diary.  Didn't have one of those cute baby books.  If blogging was around back then, I didn't have a clue. 

Maybe as I remember these little things, I'll just post them here.  And as the grandbabies grow, I'll make sure I don't forget.  Again. 

This blogging was a scary thing for me.  But maybe, it's not so scary after all.'s a little gift I can give myself.  When I forget something that may not have seemed important in the moment,  I can look back later and see the precious bit it really is.


  1. I think blogging really had made me more cognizant of the little moments. And when I forget them, there here for me to pick up and hold again.

  2. Exactly! That's what I see on the posts I read. Things I didn't take time to remember.

  3. One of the reasons I love blogging is that I'm always coming across a post or a writing prompt that triggers a memory and/or makes me think about how I feel about. Don't feel bad that you think you've forgotten things. They'll come back to you!

  4. Oh, I love this!

    I am forever telling people that if this writing I am doing has no bigger reward than the making of a record of this time in our lives? A record that I hope some future version of my daughters will someday sit down and read?

    That I might someday sit down and read?

    To remember?

    That is way more than enough.

    Way more than enough.

  5. Mommylebron, that happens to me a lot. I'll read something and it triggers a flashback. Then I try to write before I forget. Again.

  6. Kris, yes.
    A permanent record of the little lively lovely things.
    And if they are painted with our viewpoint? All for the better. With your girl's memories and your version, what a wonderful 3-D picture that will provide.

  7. I periodically post a list of "Kate-isms" on my blog. People laugh at them, and it's a great way to remember the silly things kids say.

  8. Liz, I like that! I may do something like that for the grandbabies. Thanks!

  9. I know! It is crazy how you can forget things! Things that you never thought you would forget! Blogging is good to help you remember! Your grand babies will love that you did this for them!

  10. AO, I'm gonna give it a shot! If I can remember anything long enough to get to the computer.

  11. This is what I love about blogging because my memory fails me the older i get. I used to think I would remember it all. Ha!!!

    My daughters imaginary friend was Daphne from scooby doo!

  12. @GirlNextDoor I'm finding this out. As I daily have to think hard to remember stuff. Like what was I going to the kitchen for. ;)