Thursday, October 7, 2010

Bathtub: a true adult temper tantrum

I want a bathtub.

When we moved here with my mother a year ago, we left behind a bathtub. We lived in an old mobile home, so the bathtub was small. Trailer sized. Couldn't stretch out. To get my head in the water, my butt was mashed against the far end. If I sucked my belly in, I might get a half inch of water cover. I hated that tub. It leaned a bit also. In the winter the bottom of it was freezing. In a trailer every wall is an outside wall. In an old trailer the walls are about two inches thin.

So, the tub stayed behind. Wasn't the kind of thing you generally move anyway.

There is no tub here. There are two shower stalls. One upstairs. One downstairs. Showers are good for quick cleaning. For when I get home from work smelling like a brine soaked, bacon wrapped French fry. To wash my hair.

But it's not a tub. Every time I drag myself to the shower,it mocks me. No stretching out. Have to stand there. Water just running away. No soaking. No bubbles.

I want a damn tub.

I want a tub I can take a nap in. I want a tub with water jets. Three settings. Relax, passout, and better than sex. I want bubbles and bath salts and loofas. I want a place around it for candles and a stereo. Space for the cats to perch if they're brave enough. I want to soak the day out of my body. I want to fill it with water hot enough to boil a lobster. Well, maybe just hot enough to loosen the tension knots. I want to float in a tub. With water lilies.

Sigh, Just a tub


  1. I'm so sorry you're without a bath! My real estate deal to buy my tiny studio condo almost fell through when I asked the bath be replaced with one of the deep lovlies with jets they were putting in the master baths of the two-bedroom units. But once I'd seen those babies, no way would I be happy in a tub that wasn't even deep enough to get my belly in if I sucked it in. It was longer than a trailer tub certainly, but definitely not deeper. I had to up my mortgage amount to get the tub, and my mortgage banker furrowed her brows, but I ended up getting it. I don't know how I'd live without it now, I'm so dependent on it to keep my chronic pains manageable.

    I pray you're able to have one some day. It seems like it'd be a requirement after a day at the restaurant! Ugh!!


  2. One day. Soon would be good. And when I get the tub? I will need a feww days off to spend in it.

  3. I'm not a fan of the bath....I know, I'm weird. But after reading your (ahem) temper tantrum, I think I want to take a bath!

  4. Yay, a convert!
    Was it the candles? Or setting #3?

    And when I get THAT tub, I'll be out for days.

  5. Tubs are one of life's great luxuries. Don't listen to Natalie.

    Or do, if it makes you feel better. Because mine also sucks. And I need to stop thinking there's a good one out there.

  6. Oh, I have to keep believing! I keeps me sane.

    The hard part will be the affording.

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