Monday, April 4, 2011

I'm Easily Amused

Things that tickled me this past week:

This piece posted on the Red Dress Club by @MamaTrack, here Too funny!

The grandson playing with the extra plastic drain lines that didn't get used for the basement project. He had a riot with his "tunnels".
Hardware store toys are much cheaper than toy store toys.

And of course it's the best revenge when the grandkid is an angel until his mother comes to get him. Then he becomes an accomplished button pusher.
I remember those times.

Watching the granddaughter twist Grampa right around her tiny finger. She must be held by him almost the entire visit.

Making checks on the yard as it gets a bit warmer. I love seeing the buds peeking out.

Finally seeing roots start on the pussy willow cuttings a customer brought me. Probably going to plant them this week.

Watching the tomato seedlings get stronger. Need to get bigger peat pots now.

Visiting with my twitter friends.

What tickled you lately?


  1. Yeah for hardware toys!

    Cheaper and educational!!

    that is all

  2. Having a week of doing just fun stuff last week. Made me very Happy.

  3. @PBJ I know! He loves those things. And then his imagination takes off!

  4. @Dee, what fun stuff? Anything I want to do?

  5. I was tickled watching my husband read a son a story and my son babbling his thoughts on the book

  6. I SWEAR that so many kids find the greatest joy in using non-toys as toys!

  7. OMG,I didn't see that you linked to it! I was just here visiting your site and saw it. So a belated THANK YOU.

    And I'm glad to tickle you. We all need laughter in our lives.