Sunday, September 12, 2010

Gramma and her iPod

As I've been sitting on my butt for the last three hours, with my iPod, reading, and replying occasionally, to tweets and blogs, I try to remember what I used to do before this little handful of technology entered my life. I can't remember. Since the the iPod entered my life/soul I've joined twitter, photobucket, google groups, skype, and I've just recently begun to "blog"(what does that mean, really?).

It all began innocently. A few games. Access to my email without going to the computer. Then came a silly little music game called TapTap Revenge. I tried it. I failed. I became annoyed. I tried again, and again. I got better. I made it to a top ten global leaderboard. I became a TTR addict. They had a twitter account, I signed up to win prizes. I was invited to join a "team" of a select few players to provide feedback. I needed a google account. I was Invited to become a beta tester.  I needed a skype account.

In the meantime, my twitter followers began to increase. From 2 family members to 20 mostly bowlers(did I mention I love to bowl) and TTR players/friends. I began following a few celebs. I gained a few more random followers. I gained a couple of local followers.

I needed a profile picture. I signed up to photobucket. I uploaded my picture. Somewhere along the way I started to become "social". I'm a loner by nature, my "real life" friends are few. I don't do lunches with the girls, my best friend is my daughter.

I retweeted a pretty saying and acquired pretty saying followers.  I followed some back.  My followers passed 100.  I tweet about coffee, several more(mostly trying to sell me their product), I followed anyway. Pushing 150.

I followed a tweeter called @salamicat.  I read her blog. I read blogs she recommended.  I thought about blogging (aren't you sorry now).  I started a blog.  For no good reason.  Well, maybe so someone besides my family could listen to me rant. 

Wow, this started as a story about how I thought I'd lost my beloved iPod once.  I have a grocery list app.  I have a lot of apps.  I have more apps than a gramma needs.  I'm an app addict.  Ok, back to the story.  Using my grocery list app, I went to the grocery store.  I brought my goodies and some food home.  It took an hour to unload, organize and put my purchases away.  I was singing to some song or other, don't remember what.  I sat down to relax, check emails and tweets, reached into my handbag (where the iPod lives) and.....NO IPOD!

I emptied the bag, muttering OMG OMG OMG!  My heart began to race.  I ran out to the car, under the seats, in the console.  NO IPOD!  OMG OMG OMG.

I began mentally retracing my steps.  Had the iPod out at the grocery, checking items off in my grocery list app.  So sure I put it back in the zipper compartment before I checked out.  It's gone!  What will I do? no one is going to turn in an iPod.  Someone is doing a happy dance.  With my iPod. 

I grabbed my keys, ready to go back to the store in hopes of a miracle.  Went to turn off the stereo as I left.
Stereo?  When did I turn on the stereo?  Oh.

Lookie there, in the iPod dock with the speaker.  Thank God, Hubby dear was not home to witness my meltdown.  He'd still be laughing.  The jerk.


  1. Oh, I thought I lost my iPod once! You know where it was? On the back of the toilet. I guess I don't go anywhere without it!

  2. Yes, mine goes there, too. Hubby dear is very jealous of iPod.

  3. When I lose mine, it's usually in my back pocket. I will look EVERYWHERE but there. Why? No clue. That's it's home ;)

  4. Roxane, mine is usually in my hand if I'm home. I believe it's some type of addiction...