Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Balancing Life...a contemplation of chaos

I have so many things I want to do.
I have  no concept of how to do them all.  Actually to do them all well.

I own a restaurant, which is a full time responsibility.
I bowl league twice a week.
I am twitterdicted, so I must check the timeline hourly (at least)
I beta test for 2 game developers.
I crochet (though not as much as I'd like anymore).
I love to read and haven't had the time.
I'm still organizing after our move, still have boxes to unpack.
I like to can my own food, which is usually a full day lost to prepping, boiling, waiting...
Hubby dear wants fed daily.
Three cats and one dog want fed daily.
I have now added blogging and the reading of blogs.
Grocery shopping needs done.  I hate grocery shopping.
And I have housework that never gets done.

I keep trying to figure out how to balance all this.  Is there a formula?  A schedule template?  And is there room in there somewhere for a nap?

I'd like to put some blame on Hubby dear for not being helpful enough.  But, he is the gardener, maintenance man and listener when I come home from work.  So, I'd be an asshat if I laid my lack of organization at his feet.  Especially since he ran most of the laundry yesterday while I had the dog and one cat at the vet.

I don't want to quit any activities.  But maybe we could add an extra few hours to the day, at least enough to get a nap. 

Think I'll work on that nap now, after I check my Twitter timeline, read a couple more blogs and see what's for dinner.  Oh, and it's time to feed the three cats and one dog.  They know what time it is,  and they're reminding me.

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