Thursday, September 8, 2011

If I Was a Hoarder...

I wrote for prompt #2 If I was a hoarder...

Mama's Losin' It

If I was hoarder, what would I hoard?

That's hard, because I'm not a hoarder.

Oh, I have several dozen bandannas. In different patterns and colors. But they fit into two small dresser drawers.  And they have a function. I wear them, one at a time if course, at work.

I have a rather hefty yarn stash.  For projects I'm going to do someday.  Those people that gave it to me were just going to throw it away!  That?  Would be wasteful.

I stopped saving glass jars and margarine tubs a long time ago. I didn't have room for my teapot collection, so they just had to go.

And doesn't everyone have a dozen, or so, Christmas trees?  They all need lights and ornaments. And matching tree skirts.  And the three dozen nutcrackers were inherited from my mother. And the acrylic Christmas decorations from Avon are so pretty. And the Christmas carol singing mice started with my dad.

And the husband is putting a floor in the huge attic for storage.  So we can have the guest bedroom again.

So, since I'm not a hoarder, I just can't think of anything I'd hoard.


  1. BWAHAHAHA, GIRL! You are in DENIAL! But it's ok, we've all got our vices. My Christmas Tree collection is beginning to look like yours. ;)

  2. Cool that you have so many Christmas trees. :) I enjoyed your funny post!

    I'm visiting from Mama Kat's site. Have a great weekend!

  3. Oh, I do love the Christmas trees!

  4. I have a huge yarn stash too :)

  5. What a great prompt!! I suppose if I were a hoarder, it would be books. It really tears me up when I have to throw a book away, even if it's falling to pieces. But I don't think small collections of holiday stuff constitutes hoarding - after all, if there's a clear passage through the living room, that's all you need, right?...

  6. Hoarding Christmas! Awesome. :)
    I'm pretty sure that gets you extra points from Santa. Not a bad thing at all.