Monday, January 17, 2011

A Little Sunday Miracle!

Sunday was a good day.

As usual I worked 5am to 3pm.

But I had plans for the evening!

After work I stopped at my daughter's house to pick up the grandson for a visit.  I've missed him.  Since she's been off work I haven't gotten to see him much.
I was figuring how to spend time with him, get housework caught up and do some book work for the restaurant.

I got home.  And a miracle had happened while I was gone.

Hubby dear had cleaned the kitchen.  Crushed the soda cans.  Made the bed. Gathered and took out the trash.
And?  Did laundry.
He's always been good about running the washer and dryer. But this time, he folded the clothes!

I almost fainted.
But I had a grandson to enjoy.

And we had a good time.  He likes to play First Words Deluxe on my iPod.  He can sit forever and spell.
We play with his toys, we watched Nick Jr., and we made brownies.
He's on an eating strike just now, so after dinner he munched on Chex.
He played ball with the dog and chased the cats.

I need more days like this.


  1. Sounds like a great day and a great surprise!

  2. Hooray for a happy day, and time spent with your grandson!

  3. Twin Spin, it was a great day! And a real surprise. He could do that daily, I'd be glad to be suprised daily.

  4. Liz, I so need more days like that. I was missing the boy, I think that made it more fun.

  5. I know I will adore my grandchildren like you do. You make me smile about that day.

  6. A husband who cleaned? That is a miracle! Congrats on a good day!

  7. Empress, of course you will! It's in the genes.

  8. KLZ, I know! I keep hoping it happens again. I'm trying to not be too hopeful though.

  9. thanks so much for coming to my blog earlier---my turn to repay the favor!

    um, can I trade husbands with you? or can your husband have a talk w/ mine? I'm a little jealous!

  10. Erin, before I'd send my husband to give a pep talk I want to see if this is a trend or an isolated incident.

    And I'm really behind on blog reading. Sometimes I only manage 2 or 3 a day. I miss a lot of good stuff.

  11. That sounds like the most delightful time!
    I'm so happy that you were able to enjoy every single moment of it! :)

  12. Nichole, I'm glad you stopped by! And it was fun. The grandson is a happy boy. He makes it easy to be with him.

    Mostly he just wanted personal attention. The new baby left him a little out of the loop. But he'll adjust.

  13. If a man folds the laundry and no one blogs about it, did it actually happen?

    What a great day.

    I just love sending my Small Boy off with his Gramma. There's nothing like the two of them!

  14. CDG, it did happen! He's done laundry before, but then I come home to baskets of clothes that need folded. I was awe-struck.
    Grammas and grandkids to do well because it's not our job to raise them. Just get them wound up and send 'em home. :)

  15. It is the little things. Those small acts of kindness that make a marriage. I'm so glad you shared them today.

  16. Nancy, Thank you for stopping by.
    You're right. Sometimes in the daily distractions we forget to honor each other.