Sunday, December 13, 2015

And the Winners Are...

Today is the day I got to draw for winners of the free copies of Fightball: Dying of Suck by Kris Wehrmeister

It was done with minimal technology. I wrote all the names on slips of paper, wadded them up, and threw them on top of my current crochet project.

Over the course of an hour I blindly reached for a crumpled bit and unfolded. I did this three times, because...three winners.

Since I use blogger as opposed to the wildly popular and evidently more user friendly WordPress, I have no idea how to get in touch with two of those winners.

They'll have to find me. Or perhaps I'll have the author track them down, she is the one who has to mail those crisp copies out.

In the meantime, I will simply type randomness as I consider my next attempt to locate and inform the winners.

I crocheted a briefcase for the grandson. (He will not be required to carry it in public.)

I wrote a fiction on the other blog. Elsetime & Otherwhen (pssst...I don't do the funny, I leave that up to Kris, I do the weird.)

I wrapped Christmas presents.

I need to get on the tree thing, I only have one so far this year. That is unacceptable, this is what Christmas at my house is supposed to look like.

I need to find a way to notify the winners.

I need Kris to reply to my twitter message.

I suppose a nice person would get on with the posting of the winners' names.

Wonder what's for dinner tonight. I think I forgot to get something out of the freezer.

Ok, enough of that.

The winners are:

Angela of A Work in Progress

Kim of Glimpse from a Distance


Patricia Lynne at Patricia Lynne, Independent Author

So winners, be excited! (Especially the part where I twitter found you, bwahahaha!)

Once you've received that extra special prize, READ IT and laugh out loud!

Then make sure you mosey on over to Amazon and leave a review.

In the meantime I better go rummage through the freezer...


  1. If that's what Christmas is supposed to look like, I am waaay behind with my little 3 ft tree. LOL
    Hooray! I'll DM you.

  2. Congratulations to the three winners! Thank you, Renee, for tracking down mailing addresses for me ... I will get those books in the mail by tomorrow afternoon. Yay! This is so much fun! It's like Christmas! Except I'm not at all prepared for Christmas, so it's a good thing Christmas is still months away.



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