Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Grandma is Waiting. Patiently. Mostly.

And Waiting, waiting, waiting. 

Daughter had another appointment with her ob-gyn. 
New ultra sound. Baby about 7.5 lbs. 
In position. 

No further progression from last week. 

Due date 12/3. We're past that now. 

She set an appt. for c-sect on Monday 12/13. She'll be 10 days overdue by then. OB says that's long enough. 

She's hoping to go into labor and deliver before then. 


Waiting. For the phone to ring. 
Or for Monday. 

Sometime soon. There'll be a granddaughter. 




  1. That last month of waiting is excruciating, every single time. Good luck!

  2. KLZ, yes. She. Is. Ready. Just her body not got the memo yet.

  3. I'm far too familiar with the overdue wait. Hope it's soon.

  4. That poor girl! Out, baby, out!

    You know, personally, I'd want to stay in that warm happy place as long as possible, too. The kid *must* be smart!

    And an early congratulations to you! Only a few days. Can't wait to come back and look at pictures. Yay!

  5. @Kristin, she was a week late herself. So it's probably a little genetic. She's still waiting. But OB says Monday if not before.

    @Roxane, thank you. And yes, she's pretty over it. It all fun for 8 months, then it gets to be a chore.